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Trough Scraper


  Trough scrapers convey short chips (magnetizable as well as non-magnetizable materials) in metal cutting production machines (1), from their place of origin to the recycling container. The chips may be removed horizontally as well as diagonally upwards.
Trough scrapers may be employed, according to requirement, either as individual scrapers or, in combination with other conveyor and filter systems. In addition, they may serve as storage containers for cooling lubricants

Function mode

The scrapers (1) which glide along the base of the case, first shove the resulting chips through the horizontal canal and, subsequently, up the incline to the location of the ejector (2). The exchangeable scrapers have been screwed fast to the trough scraper chains at regular intervals. A slowly running geared motor (3), fitted with overload protection, propels the trough scraper chains. The slots in the discharge plate (4) pre-purify the liquid.
Slots in the discharge plate (4) (disk filter) provide the first means of liquid purification.
The „programmable“, electronic level switch (5), switches the suction pump on and off.