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Magnetic Conveyor System

On the one hand, the magnetic conveyor system by Streuli, separates magnetizable chips, for example from processing centres, from the cooling or the cutting liquid, and ejects them, for example, into a small container. On the other hand, the liquid is being cleaned and made available again for the processing centre by means of a pressure pump.

Function mode

The liquid (1), mixed with chips, flows top down into the smoothing or the intake container (2) of the magnetic conveyor. The magnetic strips (4), which are closely fitting and placed diagonally under the anti-magnetic cover plate (3), convey the chips (5) up the ramp and eject them into the chip container(6). The liquid flows into the smoothing container (7). The liquid which flows over the separation (8), is at the disposal of the high-pressure pumps (9), which operate the machine tool. The level of the liquid (10) must only be measured on the side of the pump. A float switch (11) protects the pumps from running dry if the level of the liquid is too low.