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SPB Automatic paperband filter

The traditional paperband filtering method is a cost-effective, good method for purifying liquids.
The system is optionally available with a level-control (4) for more efficient filter media utilization. As preminilary filter a magnetic filter (SAM or SAMG) can be seted up.

Function mode

1) Soiled liquids (feed)
2) Filter basin
3) Filter media
4) Float switch
5) Clean media tank
6) Soiled liquids container
7) Feed pump


Either smoothed or coming from a preliminary filter, the soiled liquid (1) flows through a feeding funnel into the filtering basin. (2) It leaches through the paperfilter media (3) into the clean liquid tank placed below (5). The retained solid matter on the filter forms a filter cake, which enhances the filter quality considerably, while at the same time, it increasingly impedes the flowing-through.
The increasing liquid keeps switching on the paper feed until the level starts to decrease again. Filter cake and filter media are automatically deposited (6) into the soiled matter container.