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STE Drop base filter (with endless filtering media)

The drop base filtering method produces best results regarding extraction by filter and operational capacity.
The system has an optimum space requirement and efficiency ratio.The lifting station SAMG/SHS supplements the filtering system in case of low conveyance feed.

Function mode

1) Soiled liquids (feed)
2) Preminilary filter with lifting station SAMG/SHS
3) Elevation pump
4) Float type switch
5) Filter basin
6) Endless filter medium band
7) Rotating brush
8) Dirt collector
9) Clean medium tank
10) Rinse pump for the nozzles
11) Conveyor pump
12) Level switch - filter medium feed

  The soiled liquid (1) flows from a low-lying consumer return into the magnetic preminilary filter (2).The elevation pump (3) feeds the pre-clarfied liquids into the filter basin of the drop base filter (5), controled by the float type switch (4). From the filter basin (5) it flows through the endless filter medium (6) into the clean medium tank (9) located below. The solid material collected on the band forms a filter cake which considerably increases the filtering performance but, at the same time severely reduces the flow. The rising level of the liquid triggers the regeneration and the following simultaneous functions:
• Emptying the filter cake into the dirt collector (8)
• Wiping the endless filter with the brush (7) and rinsing with clean pressurised liquid
• Feeding clean endless filter medium into the filter basin